Goodbye, 2020. You’ve been a long year. We’re looking forward to 2021!

Will remote health monitoring solutions boom and help relieve the backlog of chronic disease treatment caused by coronavirus? Will 5G cover the globe? As an industry insider, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Please answer our short survey and share your IoT predictions for 2021.

Which of the following sectors do you believe provide the greatest opportunity for IoT growth in the year ahead?

How concerned are you about cybersecurity vulnerabilities as the the number of IoT connections continues to expand rapidly?

Are you in favor of IoT security regulations and industry standards to govern IoT cybersecurity best practices?

Do you believe digital device IDs and strong authentication technology can protect IoT connected solutions and data from cyberattack?

Which of the following IoT technologies is the most important for continued growth and expansion of the Industrial IoT marketplace?

Which type of IoT connectivity technology will be the most prominent in the next five years ahead?

Which of the following marketplace trends will be the most influential in driving growth in the next five years?